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Looking to ship something from the TikTok shop but live in Puerto Rico? Now you can use our services to have any of your packages redirected to your address in Puerto Rico. For a $5 service fee, plus shipping your packages will be sent within 48hrs we receive them. 

Deposit of $20* covers your $5 processing fee and shipping cost. 
*Shipping cost cover small to medium packages with 10lbs or less. Packages that are bigger or heaver and cost more than $15 to ship will be subject to an extra charge. These will be automatically charged on the same method of payment in which the deposit was made. If you wish to pay the extra fee with another method of payment, please contact us. Evidence of shipping cost will available upon request.  

Upon checking out and paying your deposit, you will receive an email confirmation of your order and deposit. You will also receive our address on the email confirmation. We have made a special message on the top so it's easy to see and find. Please copy the address on email confirmation and use it on your TikTok shop purchases and have them deliver to us. Also, use the same name you use here to purchase the service to avoid confusions or delays. Once  we receive your package we will process your package and ship within 48hrs. The package will be sent to the address provided on the deposit.  Please contact us if you need to change the address after purchase.  

If you have any other question, please contact us at

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