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Product Description:  Stamford hand rolled incense cones designed for use with a backflow burner, backflow cones create a fragrant plume that flows magically downwards in dry-ice style for the ultimate in calming distraction. This intriguing effect is created by a narrow shaft through the cone’s base, which is positioned over the burner’s hole to create an inverted chimney. As the smoke is drawn down, it cools and becomes slightly heavier than the surrounding air, so it’s released at the bottom like a cascading waterfall. It typically takes several minutes for the cone’s tip to burn through and start to produce backflow smoke.

Fragrance:  Cardamom, Cedarwood and Patchouli

Cones per pack: Approximately 12 cones

Burning Time:  Approximately 30 minutes


Material:  Incense, resin and plant material. 

Dimensions:  Height: 4 cm.

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