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Product Description:  This fragrance smells like a sparkling glass of Rose. An aroma of lemon zest, pink raspberries and mandarin with coconut water and sweet pea.  It also has finishing touches if sweet sugar cane.  Its a great fragrance to use in bathroom, as per customer review.  some customer has also mention getting hints of flower aroma in this scent.  The pink in the wax resembles the color of the real Rose wine.  


Ingredients:  Made out of 100% premium natural soy wax, fragrance oil and vegetable oil.

Small hexagonal jar with gold lid:
Height: 2.6in. (6.6cm.)
Width: 2.4in. (6.1cm.)

3.2oz - 3.5oz of fragranced wax in candle.

Safety Information:  Never leave candles unattended or moved them while burning.  Trim wicks on every use.  Place on a heat resistant surface.  Keep out of reach of children, pets and debris.  
Additional Information: After burning the candle, jar can be reused to store honey, jams, jellies, sauces, oils, herbs and/or spices.  You can use the jar as a vase, make a cute terrarium, for tealights and so much more.  

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